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The best for hot pot and boiled tofu!

The aroma of yuzu also matches very well with shabu-shabu.

It is a refreshed dashi shoyu with a strong aroma of yuzu,

which is Whole soybean soy sauce mixed with yuzu juice.

All yuzu are domestically grown Saitama Ogose Yuzu.

Besides, it uses selected ingredients of Saitama agricultural products like soybeans and wheat. No brewed vinegar is used, so the fresh aroma of yuzu is very strong. 


Perfect all sorts of fish, meat,  hotpot, salad dressing, dipping sauce and many more 


【About Yugeta shoyu】 

Yugeta Shoyu has been making soy sauce since 1923 outside Tokyo in Tawame, Saitama Prefecture.

Today, the company is run by fourth-generation Mr. Yohichi Yugeta, who keeps traditional shoyu (soy sauce) making alive. Yugeta Shoyu’s soy sauce is brewed naturally and uses only Japan-grown wheat and soybeans.




Soy sauce(SOYBEAN,WHEAT, salt), Yuzu juice(Citrus junos),Sugar, Mirin,
Broth(Soysauce(SOYBEANS, WHEAT, salt), Sugar, Mirin, Dried bonito shaving, Dried shiitake mushroom, Dried kelp





[How to store] 

Please refrigerate after opening





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Yuzu Shoyu(soy sauce)150ml

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