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This specialty soy sauce is naturally brewed using underground water from the Koma River flowing from the Chichibu mountains,

Using Japanese organic soybeans, Japanese organic wheat, and sun-dried salt.


It is then slowly fermented and matured in wooden barrels.

Only 1 % of Japan's soy sauce is traditionally made in wooden barrels.

The natural brewing process creates good fermentation,

so this soy sauce is light and clear in colour.

It has a strong, authentic soy sauce taste that adds a beautiful fragrance and flavour to sashimi, boiled greens, broiled fish, and Japanese cooking.


This rare and delicious soy sauce has been featured in various media (Nikkei, Yomiuri Shimbun, TV Tokyo) with the motto of "the specialty taste of rich nature, clear water, and traditional techniques." Since their company's founding in 1923, the manufacturers have always said, "It's a food, so it has to be safe to eat, and it's a seasoning, so it has to taste good, or it's pointless."
Please enjoy this delicious soy sauce.



【About Yugeta shoyu】 

Yugeta Shoyu has made soy sauce since 1923 in Tawame, Saitama(just outside Tokyo).

Today, the company is run by fourth-generation Mr Yohichi Yugeta, who keeps traditional shoyu (soy sauce) making alive. Yugeta Shoyu’s soy sauce is brewed naturally and uses only Japan-grown wheat and soybeans.



Organic SOYBEANS, Organic WHEAT, Salt





[How to store]

Keep refrigerated after opening



Saitama, Japan


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Yugeta Organic Shoyu(Soy sauce) 300ml

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