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Naturally brewed in cedar barrels and aged for 1 year.

Made with Japanese-grown soybeans, wheat, and sun-dried salt, this soy sauce is carefully fermented and aged in cedar barrels for about a year.

It has a deep, fragrant aroma, so it is delicious to eat with tofu or sashimi, and it has a lot of umami, so it is also suitable for cooking, such as simmered dishes and soups. Many types of yeast and lactic acid bacteria unique to the brewery live in the wooden barrels, making it possible to brew soy sauce with a deep, fragrant aroma.


Yugeta shoyu has made soy sauce since 1923 in Tawame, Saitama (just outside Toky). Today, the company is run by 4th generation Mr Yohichi Yugeta, who keeps traditional shoyu (soy sauce) making alive. Yugeta Shoyu’s soy sauce is brewed naturally and uses only Japan-grown wheat and soybeans. Yugeta-san ages the soy sauce moromi (mash) for many of his types of shoyu in cedar barrels, some over 100 years old.







[How to store]

Avoid direct sunlight, and keep in a cool and dry place





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Yugeta Kioke-shikomi Shoyu 360ml

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