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Garlic cloves grown in Japan's Aomori are added to the soy sauce made of soybeans grown in Japan.

The aroma of garlic stimulates your appetite and is well suited for marinating meats before cooking or seasoning fried vegetables or rice. After the soy sauce is finished, you can take out and eat the garlic cloves remaining in the bottle by removing the top.


Only 1 % of Japan's soy sauce is traditionally made in wooden barrels. 

Yugeta Shoyu has made soy sauce since 1923 in Tawame, Saitama (outside Toky). Today, the company is run by 4th generation Mr Yohichi Yugeta, who keeps traditional shoyu (soy sauce) making alive. Yugeta Shoyu's soy sauce is brewed naturally and uses only Japan-grown wheat and soybeans. Yugeta-san ages the soy sauce moromi (mash) for many of his types of shoyu in cedar barrels, some over 100 years old.






How to enjoy Yugeta's Garlic-infused soysauce:

  • Seasoning for Fried chicken, steak, BBQ, Fried rice
  • Dipping sauce for dumplings
  • Marinating proteins before cook




Soy sauce(SOYBEAN, WHEAT, Salt), Garlic(Aomori prefecture), Alchole






Saitama, Japan


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Yugeta Garlic Soysauce 210g

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