This is hand picked wild plums in hepburn

around shizuka ryokan property.

Every summer, When it's a season,

we are going there and picked them by hand.

They are serving it with their beautiful prepared Japanese breakfast.


Normally We are not selling this pickles anywhere, 

but we are happy to offer this beatufull produts

only at our online store.

Limited number available.


In the jar, there are 3 different type of wild plums,

The process is the same as Anzuboshi,

It is a salty, and it has little bit tough skin more than Anzuboshi(salted apricots),

More sweeter then anzuboshi !


・All Natural 

・Hand picked by us

・Local resource


・Vegan, Vegetarian friendly



Wild plums, Seasalt


[Best before date]



[How to store]

Once opened, keep in the refregerated



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Wild Plum boshi (Salted wild plum) 90g