This product is a paste made from Umeboshi(salted plum) with Japanese chili powder, pickled shiso, bonito flakes, ginger powder, sansho pepper to create delicious flavor.


It can be use so many ways !

Onigiri, Yakitori, Cold noodle(Udon/soba/somen...), Tempra, Karaage,

Tofu, Hotpot, Wafu pasta(Japanese style soy sauce base) !



[Name of product]

Ume Togarashi (Salted plum chili paste)



Salted plum(Wakayama pre), Salt, Plum, Sugar, SESAME SEED,

Pickled shiso leaf(Shiso, salt), Chili powder, Ginger powder,

Bonito flakes, Sansho pepper, Alcohol





[How to store]

Once opened, keep refregerate



Ume Togarashi (Salted plum chili paste)

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