Non alcohol Plum syrup refined locally in Wakayama, Ishigami area.

This syrup made solely from riped nanko ume and sugar with no artificial and sditives.

It has fruity, tart, aromatic and deep concentrated taste,

sweetness and scent sourness spreading in the mouth.


Drink as cold and let you refresh your mind and body.

It has the rich citric acid, so it’s good for summer heat measures.

This sweet and soue ume syrup can be enjoyed various ways from children  to adult.


It can be used in a wide variety of different drinks and cooking !

Here are some ideas...

1. For refreshing

Mix 1 part of Ume shibori with 4 parts of water, hotwater, soda water for refreshing taste!

2. Make a dresshing 

3. Make a cocktail

4. Create a dessert, Ume jelly, Ume mousse, Ume cheesecake


[Name of produt]

Ume shibori (Sweet plum syrup - X4 Concentrated)



Plum (Kishu,Japan), Sugar





[Best Before Date]



[How to store]

Keep cool & dry place

Avoid the sun light


[Product of origin]






Ume Shibori (plum syrup) 490ml

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