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Our "Sweet Sesame Miso paste" is

sweet and savoury, sesame sauce with dept flavour from our kaokaomiso,

and freshly ground roasted sesame seeds add rich and nutty flavours.


Ideal for use as 

1. Seasoning for vegetables

Here is some examples :

・Spinach,Komatsuna, Peas, Broccolini, Cucumber, Beans, boiled potatoes,sautee mushrooms and many more

2. Dressing for chicken salad,

3. Sauce for noodles(Cold/warm)


・Non GMO

・Vegetarian/Vegan friendly






Kaokaomiso(rice koji, salt, SOYBEANS), Sugar,

Mirin,SoySauce(WHEAT,SOYBEANS,salt), Tahini(SESAME SEEDS),



[How to store]

Store in a cool and dry place,

Once opened, keep in refrigerator


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Sweet Sesame Paste 150g