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Sweet miso 300g


Our sweet miso(similar to "White miso") has tend to be lighter and sweeter in flavour.

This miso is made with less soybeans, salt and high ratio of rice koji that creates nice sweetness.

It made by naturally fermentation method(6month +)


Here are more details

・Using 99.9% Australian Ingredients

・Naturally Fermented(6month +)

・No Artificial colour/ preservatives

・No MSG/ Chemicals

・GMO Free

・Gluten Free

・Vegan Friendly


This miso is suited for Soup, as a marinade, as dressings, even dessert and many more, same as another type of miso.

We hope you enjoy the difference in taste.

Bulk Size (1kg) is available too. Please contact  us.


[ Ingredients]

White Rice, SOYBEAN, Salt, Koji Starter(Aspergillus Oryzae)

Made in Australia 






Approx 18 bowls of Miso Soup


[How to store]

Miso is shelf stable or can be kept refrigerated for best results.


- Delivery options-

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Sweet Miso 300g