Shiso salt is powdered pickles shiso leaves with sea salt and Anzu-su* which is  byproduct from anzuboshi. 

It is a pickling shiso leaves in anzu-su over 6month, then dry it out.

It is very simple process but there has more natural fregrant and flavorful than commercial products.


Use 100% Autralian ingredients

All natural

No Artificial color or additives

Gluten Free

Vegetarian/Vegan friendly

Handmade by us


[Ideal to use ]

-Mix with rice, and make rice ball(Onigiri)

-Make a quick pickles

-Use as Frikake(rice sprinkles)

-Sprinkle over grilled fish, grilles chicken, grilled pork, sashimi, sashimi bowl,

Tofu, noodles, stir fry, soba noodle salad. and many more 

-For fresh oyster

-For cocktaile(Shiso margarita)


[Net weight]



[Best before date]



[How to store]

Keep dry & cool place


*-Anzu-su -

Anzu-su means "Anzu" is Apricot and "Su" is vinegar,

Despite its name, Anuzu “vinegar” is not a true vinegar. The sourness comes from the natural sour and tangy apricot and saltiness from Anzuboshi's salt-pickling process. This by-product is unique and the fruit of your hard work!


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Shiso Salt(Salted Perilla)