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Shiso salt is powdered pickled shiso leaves with sea salt and Anzu-su*, a by-product of anzuboshi. 

It is a pickling of shiso leaves in anzu-su for over 6 months, then dried out.

It is a very simple process but has more natural fragrance and flavour than commercial products.


Use 100% Australian ingredients


No Artificial colour or additives


Vegetarian/Vegan friendly

Handmade by us


[Ideal to use ]

-Mix with rice, and make rice ball(Onigiri)

-Make a quick pickles

-Use as Frikake(rice sprinkles)

-Sprinkle over grilled fish, grilled chicken, grilled pork, sashimi, sashimi bowl,

Tofu, noodles, stir fry, soba noodle salad. and many more 

-For fresh oyster

-For cocktail(Shiso margarita)


[Net weight]



[Best before date]



[How to store]

Please keep it in a dry & cool place


*-Anzu-su -

Anzu-su means "Anzu" is Apricot, and "Su" is vinegar,

Despite its name, Anzu “vinegar” is not an authentic vinegar. The sourness comes from the natural sour and tangy apricot and saltiness from Anzuboshi's salt-pickling process. This by-product is unique and the fruit of your hard work!


- Delivery options-

Please see the Shipping Policy ←Please click here for more details 

Shiso Salt(Salted Perilla)

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