MISOLEINE to your home

Available area :

Daylesford +25km / Castlemain / Ballarat (+$3 for Delivery) 

Pre-order for Saturday30th of Sep(SATURDAY)

$20 for 4 Madeleines

*Limited number available.


What is "Misoleine" ? 

Firstly, have you heard Madeleine cake ? 

It is a french pastry, and it is a small sponge cake,

baked in a small shell mold.

The bump on top of madeleines is a signature of

the authentic French pasty.


We have created special pastry with KAOKAOMISO,  

 "Madelein x MISO =MISOLEINE"



KAOKAOMISO(rice koji, SOYBEANS, salt)/ Flour/Butter/Egg/Milk/

Baking Powder/Sugar/Almondmeal

(Please note that we don't have any other options)


100% Australian Ingredients

Allergen : Contain Nuts,Wheat,Milk,Soybeans



1 misoleine : 70x68mm (41 g) x 4pieces



For Retail or bulk size ...

If you are looking for something different for your store,

cafe, your morning meetings....etc.

We are availabe for big order ! 

Please feel free to contact us.