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Koji kin (Koji Starter) 20g for making approx 15kg Soy Beans/Wheat-Koji

This Koji is suited for "Soy Sauce(Shoyu)"

This Tane koji is well-balanced in enzymatic power and is characterised by a good aroma of old-fashioned koji.


About Kyoto, Hishiroku

HISHIROKU has been over 350years history in Kyoto JAPAN as a traditional Tane Koji company. Nowadays There are only 10 companies left in Japan.


How to Store?

If it's Unopened, Keep it dry and cool place.

Once it is opened, Seal it tightly and keep it in a cool dry place; it can be kept for 6 months. I recomend you use it as soon as possible.



Australia Only


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Kyoto,Hishiroku "Koji-Kin""Koji-Starter" for Soy Sauce

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