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Koji Starter(20g) for making approx 15kg Rice, Barley koji


This Koji is suited for "Miso"(Rice-koji Miso, Mugi(Barley) Miso)This koji kin is well-balanced in enzymatic power and is characterised by a good aroma of old-fashioned koji.


We are using this koji starter for our Barley miso!


About Kyoto, Hishiroku

HISHIROKU has over 300 years of history in Kyoto JAPAN as a traditional Tane Koji company. Nowadays, there are only 10 companies left in Japan. 


How to Store?

If it's Unopened, Keep it in a dry and cool place.

Once it is opened, Seal it tightly and keep it in a cool, dry place; it can be kept for 6 months. I recommend you use it as soon as possible.



Australia Only 


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Kyoto,Hishiroku "Koji-Kin""Koji-Starter" for Rice/Barley-Koji

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