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This koji starter is ideal for bean koji(mame koji) and Kinzanji miso,

Any beans can be use for it (Soy beans are commonly used)


This packet of koji starter(20g) can be used for 15 kg of soybeans in koji making(the weight of soybeans before adding water is 15 kg).


- What is Kinzanji miso?-


Kinzanji miso is one of condiments, it is mixture with kinjanzi koji (mixed rice koji, barley koji, and soybean koji) and chopped vegetables, such as eggplants, cucumbers, shiso, carrots, ginger roots, etc. 

You can enjoy with rice, vegetables tofu, and also topping of protein.



About Kyoto, Hishiroku

HISHIROKU has been over 300years history in Kyoto JAPAN as a traditional Tane Koji company. Now a days There is only 10 companies left in Japan. 


How to Store ?

If its Unopened, Keep it dry and cool place.

Once it opened, Seal it tightly and keep it in a cool dry place, it can be keep in 6 month.I recomend you to use as soon as possible.



Australia Only


- Delivery options-

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Kyoto, Hishiroku "Kinzanji" Koji stareter for soybeans