If you though 1pk 400g is too much?!

Here is MINI kaokao MISO.

This size is suits for someone wants to taste kaokaomiso ! 


Authentic Japanese hand made Miso, made from cerified bio-dynamic Australian soy beans and natural sea salt and fermented for at least 8 months. Our miso is small batch, traditionally crafted and true to Japanese form. Made in Daylesford, Victoria by Kaori Takahashi, our miso is rich in pro biotics and enzymes.




White Rice, SOYBEANS, Salt, Koji Starter(Aspergillius Oryzae)


・Using 99.9% Australian Ingredients

・Naturally Fermented(8month +)

・No Artificial color/ preservatives

・GMO Free

・Gluten Free

・Vegetalin/Vegan friendly






approx 13 bowls of Miso soup

[Best Before Date]

10 Month


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✳︎$1 Flat rate delivery is available :Daylesford+25km & Castlemain

Kaokao Miso Tasting Size 250g