Our cutomer Shizuka ryokan in Hepburn, VIC a created very special chocolate for their guests. It was created with the idea of something delicious, new and unique in flavour with a touch of Japanese ingredients.


Laetitia is the chocolatier at Atelier Chocolate, Melbourne.

She has created special chocolate with our miso.

Miso has been dehydrated and mixed into the darkchocolate.

The chocolate has a slight saltiness and depth of umami from miso.

It is absolutely delicious, and you can't get it anywhere.

Don't miss out !



Cocoa mass, Cocoa butter, Sugar, low fat cocoa powder, emulsifier(E322 : SOYA lecithin), CVanilla, Miso ( white, rice, SOYBEANS, salt, Koji starter(Aspergillus oryzae))





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Dark miso chocolate by Atelier Chocolate