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-Barley (Mugi) Miso 1kg 

It is made from Barley Koji, Soybean and salt.

We are using Barley from Burrum biodynamic, VIC.


Our Barley miso fermented for more than 13month created dept and rich flavour but is still milder and slightly sweet in flavour. 


Here are more details

・Using Biodynamice soybeans, 99.9% Australian Ingredients

・Naturally Fermented(13month +)

・No Artificial colour/ preservatives

・No MSG/ Chemicals

・GMO Free

・Vegetalian/ Vegan friendly




[ Ingredients]

Organic Pearl Barley(Burrumbiodynamic, VIC), Biodynamic SOYBEAN (Slater farm, NSW) , Salt, Koji Starter(Aspergillus Oryzae)





Approx 18 bowls of Miso Soup


[How to store]

Miso is shelf stable or can be kept refrigerated for best results.


- Delivery options-

Please see Shipping Policy ←Please click here for more details 

Barley Miso 1kg

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