This Natural White Anzu 'Su' (vinegar) is made from the liquid in the bottom of the container in which Anzu(Apricot) are preserved. Only limited amount you can get each time. Aged for 1year +


It is fruity, salty and tense with lots of nutritional benefits from the Apricot. It makes for a perfect salad dressing, pickles and many more ! 


・All Natural

・Vegan friendly


-How to use-



・Fruitiness helps complement any foods

-When you dash for grilles fish, pork, chicken


Apricot, Sea salt

All Natural

Made in Australia


[Best Before Date]



[How to store]

Once it open, Please keep in the fridge


* It is very strong and concentrate liquid, we not recommend you to drink it.




Anzu-su 1year old(Salted Apricot Brine Liquid)100ml