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This Natural White Anzu 'Su' (vinegar) is made from the liquid at the bottom of the container where Anzu(Apricot) is preserved. Only a limited amount you can get each time. Aged for 1 year +


It is fruity, salty and tense with many nutritional benefits from the Apricot. It makes for a perfect salad dressing, pickles and many more! 


・All Natural

・Vegan friendly


-How to use-



・Fruitiness helps complement any foods

such as Sashimi, fresh oyster, grilled fish, pork dish, chicken dish




Apricot, Sea salt

All Natural

Made in Australia




*Bulk size is available! Please get in touch with us.


[How to store]

Once it opens, Please keep it in the fridge


* It is a solid and concentrated liquid; we do not recommend you drink it.


- Delivery options-

Please see the Shipping Policy ←Please click here for more details 

Anzu-su 1year old(Salted Apricot Brine Liquid)100ml

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