You might hear or see "Umeboshi"(Salted Plum) at the shop. That is sour pickled plum and has been eaten for over a thousand years in Japan.  Ripened plums are marinaded with salt, sun-dried, and preserved for a couple of months to develop the flavor and also get rid of sharp taste of salt.


In Australia, it hard to get plum fruits, and I found out that "Apricot" is similar fruits. I am using "Apricot" and using same method.  Apricot is "ANZU" in Japanese so I called this product "ANZUBOSHI"


How to eat / use

・Simply eat with rice

・Use it in marinades

・Make dressing with

・Cook with protein



 Apricot, Sea salt

[Best Before Date] 

In 8 month 

Once it opened, Keep it in Refrigerated


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Anzuboshi(Salted Apricot)