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My name is Kaori. I am the owner of KAOKAOMISO!

KAOKAOMISO is based in Daylesford, Victoria,

and specialises in making authentic miso paste, Japanese pickles, and condiments.


I founded KAOKAOMISO in 2017 when my husband and I decided to move to Daylesford.

I learned to make handmade miso from scratch with the help of our friends in Melbourne.

This was my first experience discovering that homemade Japanese fermented condiments taste much better than commercial ones. Since then, I've been captivated by Japanese fermented food, particularly "MISO," and I find every step of the process fascinating. Each batch's process is a learning experience for me, as the taste and appearance are always different. Factors such as the weather during fermentation, the mixture’s moisture, and the koji’s quality all contribute to slight variations. I'm always learning and fine-tuning the process.


At KAOKAOMISO, our mission is simple: to introduce Australia to the authentic taste of handmade miso. We’re passionate about sharing the unique flavour of our products and hope it inspires people to enjoy cooking with or without it.

We want everyone to experience the distinctive taste of our miso.


Living in a country where Asian grocers are scarce in regional areas,

I was inspired to create my miso and condiments,

including the beloved Korean BBQ sauce.

I was thrilled to discover how this sauce can instantly elevate any dish.

I am delighted to share this discovery with everyone,

inviting you to join me in creating delicious meals at home.

I can’t wait for you to experience the magic of this sauce!


We will continue introducing real taste, delicious and easy-to-use flavours to you!

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